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  • Small class teaching
    15 classes per class of small class teaching, so that teachers can fully focus on every student in the classroom.
  • 1: 5 teachers and students than
    Very high teacher and student ratio, so that teachers take care more students individual differences, according to individualized teaching.
  • 70% foreign teacher ratio
    With a wealth of educational experience in the senior foreign teachers team, so that students into the soaking learning environment.
  • Multilingual courses
    English in addition to a variety of language learning, to help students access to future knowledge to open up a broader field and space.
  • Art courses
    For the aspirations of foreign art school students set up professional courses, through art design world-class hall.

    Zhejiang Ivy International Academy is an international boarding school, which was founded by internationally recognized musician Peter Buffett and renowned entrepreneur of New Oriental Education Xiaopin Xu. The school is located in the west of Hangzhou among the verdant hills of the Xiaoheshan area and in the university district of Hangzhou, home to the cities top educational facilities and institutions.Dr Oliver Kramer, headmaster of Ivy International, is a top educator from England and former ...


Zhejiang IVY International Academy

school address:79 Xiaoheshan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

support hotline:0571-88064088 88064188